[XenForo Plugin] [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO

Download [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO XenForo version: 2.1 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO is an article system and interface that allows you to professionally look at sections of your forum on the main page….

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[XenForo Plugin] XenForo Media Gallery 2.1.1

Download XenForo Media Gallery 2.1.1 XenForo version: 2.1   XenForo Media Gallery – a gallery plugin for XenForo 2, has become available. This release is mainly aimed at fixing bugs and other minor improvements. Password: www.freescripts.club or…

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XenForo Importer 1.2.0

Download XenForo Importer 1.2.0 XenForo version: 2.1   Today, we have released XenForo Importers, a maintenance release for our importers add-on. This release primarily targets bug fixes: Some of the changes include: vBulletin: Only rewrite quotes…

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[XenForo Plugin] Warn thread 1.3

Download Warn thread 1.3 XenForo version: 2.1 When a warning is issued, a new thread is automatically created for staff members.   Features: Cron entry runs every 10 minutes and will create a Warn thread if…

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[XenForo Plugin] [AndyB] User upgrade receipt 1.5

Download [AndyB] User upgrade receipt 1.5 XenForo version: 2.1   The plugin will help you issue receipts for successful payment of paid promotions Password: www.freescripts.club or www.gradown.com Download Mirror Links [/su_service] Password: www.freescripts.club or www.gradown.com

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[XenForo Plugin] Thread Grid by Xenbros 1.0.2

Download Thread Grid by Xenbros 1.0.2 XenForo version: 2.1 Thread Grid addon will allow you to get Grid of thread on selected forum. How does this addon work ? this addon pickup the first attachment of…

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