Woocommerce Store Closing v9.6.4

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This plugin works under the “WooCommerce” online sales plugin. On the days and times that you specify plugin will make add cart and order buttons invisible for your customers and displays a notification message that you can specify from the admin settings.


  • Set opening and closing times for each day of the week separately.
  • Set two different opening and closing times for each day.
  • Show a notification message across the store.
  • Show the currently selected times in the notification message.
  • Close the store without showing the notification message.
  • Set opening and closing dates for upcoming holidays.
  • With one click close your store.
  • Show a notification for your closing date.
  • Set separate notification message for each day.
  • Set separate notification message for dayparts.
  • Show a notification for your opening date when your store is closed.
  • Show the selected active date and time in your notification.
  • Set a popup for your notification.
  • Exclude pages for popup notification.
  • Send a reminder to your customer when store is opens. ( * with Woocommerce Remind Me Plugin )
  • Exclude a category of product.
  • Add countdown to your notification message.
  • Personalize your notifications.
  • Show your active notifications in the desired area with shortcuts.
  • Customize your shortcut notifications.
  • Authorize for different user roles.

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Password: www.freescripts.club or www.gradown.com

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